Opportunity In A Lifetime


Opportunity of a LIFETIME:  Here’s what happened on Tuesday night:

Basically, we revealed the largest, most exciting
and most profitable announcement we’ve ever made
in the history of Empower Network -

The upcoming launch and game-plan for the
public release of ENV2… or soon to be more
widely know as:

“The Blog Beast”

(you can access that ‘game-changer’ event
recording once you follow the steps below)

—————————— ——————-
Here’s Why This Is So Huge For You
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This is your opportunity to be first to market
something that WILL absolutely revolutionize
the way people market “online”….

Or on their phone :-)

This is HUGE (much bigger than most people
realize right now).

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Here’s My Recommendation To You
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Get in, buy our current blog platform, and
sign up to be an affiliate.

That will do 2 things for you.

Thing #1: You will be grandfathered into the
new platform when it’s launched in a couple of

Thing #2: It will put you in position to work
with us, and be part of the largest and most
profitable product launch in history of it’s kind.

This is going to be HUGE (and profitable for
YOU if you take action now).

It’s time to seriously turn your BeastMode: “ON”

Register Here And Get Started Right Now 

After you secure your spot:

Go Here And Get On The Early Bird List

But this is where it only gets better!

I am a BigIdeaMastermind member and Vick Strizheus is my mentor.  So basically what this means BigIdeaMastermind promotes Empower Network as a product.  Empower Network is the vehicle, the sales funnel.

Why do we do that, well Empower Network is a legit company where you can earn 100% commissions on the products that you sell.  The products are awesome and you can dapt these strategies in any business offline or online.

Does it get better!  Of course it does.

Being a member of BigIdeaMastermind Vick has put a training program together, and this is free,  you do nto pay anything extra for this,  just shows you that Vick Strizheus is a great mentor that wants to help you to be successful.

Big Idea Mastermind 10K Challenge has Launched!

BIM 30Dto10K

The 10K Challenge is a training program that can create a realistic $10,000 per month income by October 31, 2013 or in the next 30days.  This is for the Platinum and Diamond levels only,  so I recommend you join and upgrade to these levels.

30Days to 10k  Webinar1

The 10K challenge has daily assignments that Vick teaches you what to implement and do every sinlge day for 30 days.  Yes he gives us the same resources that he uses everyday to build his business.  All you have to do is commit to this program and adapt everything that VIck is teaching us.  Do not reinvent the wheel,  do not ask questions,  just do what Vick tells you to do.

Register Here And Get Started Right Now 




The Power of Events


The Power of Events: When you attend events you are surrounding yourself with like-minded people, people that have already got results where you can learn from.

People that can just inspire you. Something happens when you go to events, it does not matter what company you are in or you are selling their products.

Events are very powerful, the new friends you meet and all the material that you can take with you back home to spread the word on the internet.

So I want to share this video that my mentor, Vick Strizheus shared with me, The Power of Events

Hope you enjoyed this nugget for the day and adapt this one little strategy in your life. The power of events will change your life and also your results in your business today and in the future.

What do I do for a living?


Are You A Gmail User? Please Read This Important Information:

Gmail is in the process of rolling out some new features. One of their new features automatically filters your email messages for you. With this new change, my emails may end up in one of their new inbox tabs, instead of your “Primary” inbox.

The first, simplest and safest thing to do is this:
Step 1: Go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and click on “Settings.”


Step 2: Click on the “Inbox” tab, then simply un-check the “Promotions” box and save your changes.


Once you do this, all your emails will come directly to you just as they always have!

Here’s the other way you can handle this if you decide you want to use the “Promotions” inbox for other things:

Step 1: Simply drag this email from the “Promotions” inbox to the “Primary” tab.

Step 2: Click “YES” when the alert pops up.

Now, regardless of which method you’ve used, Gmail will know you connected with you subscribers and will still receive  your emails in your “Primary” inbox as usual.

If you liked it and found it useful please share and like the post,  so others can also benefit from it:))

I you are looking for a place where you can learn all these cool strategies and how you too can make money online then you have to click HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!


How to Insert Like Button on Your Empower Network Blog:

This is a article how you can insert a like button or Like Box on your Empower Network Site. Actually it does not have to be Empower Network blog; it can be for any other blog too.

You need to go to:  http://developers.facebook.com/ and type in the search box for “get like button code” and you will get all the options.  But here I am just going to cover the “Like” and “Like Box” button.

How to Insert “Like” Button

Go to:  http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/  if you just want to add the “Like” button to your site

Like Button

There are three ways to implement the Like button: using HTML5, XFBML (a special Facebook markup) and iframe.  I am going to teach you how to use the iframe version.

Now scroll down the page until you get to a section called “Configurator”

Under Header “URL to Like” is Facebook fan page that you have created. You can play around with the Width, Layout Style, Font, Color Scheme, Verb to display and then you can also choose if you want to include the “Send Button” and if you want to “Show faces” option.

FB Configuration

I only want the “Like” Button so I am going to disable the options.  See new screenshot below:

FB Configuration1

Now click on “Get Code”

FB Get Code

Your plugin code is now available.  I want to insert this into a widget on my blog so I am going to click on the IFRAME TAB.

FB Plugin Code

Copy paste the entire code.  Go  to your blog and log into your back office,  in the Left Hand Navigation menu, go to  Appearances and then Widgets.

Fb Blog Widget

Drag the “TEXT” widget to your side bar, where you want it to be displayed.  Paste the code into the widget and remember to save it.

Fb Blog Widget1

If you have saved it visit your blog and it will appear on the right hand navigation bar.

Congratulations you are done!

Like Button

Your “Like” Button will now appear on your blog:))

I hope that you found this useful, share it with others and your teams!!


Make a decision,  do not settle for second best.  Consciously make a decision to be great and you believe it.  I will do whatever it takes and go for your dream.  This will reflect in your business and you will be able achieve any goal that you want.  You do not have to be special to do this.  Your past do not matter!

You do not have to be with Empower Network or Big Idea Mastermind

So I want to share with you this video from Vick Strizheus,  he always share golden nuggets with everybody:

Hope you enjoyed the Golden Nuggets from Vick Strizheus (Vid 22 of 90)

The IM factor,  what is it, would you know what we talking about.  Well let me ask you what is you self image?  When you realise that you are a leader,  leading yourself first, to do what you need to do every single day,  when you learn how to lead yourself you will be able to become a fantastic leader and build teams.

So if you want to be part of amazing team,  Big Idea Mastermind which uses Empower Network as a sales funnel then click on the button below,  sign up and let us start helping you to become a great leader helping others but most of all help you live your dream.

Do not settle for second best!

Just click on the button below and sign up!

EN Blog


For more information about Vick Strizheus’s 710 Case Study then click the link here=>>

And Remember Do Not Settle For Second Best!



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